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Bella Learns Her Shapes

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Bella is on a mission to discover the exciting world of shapes! Join her as she sets out on a fun-filled adventure to learn all about the basic shapes we see in the world around us.

From squares and rectangles to triangles, circles, and more, Bella explores each shape with curiosity and excitement. With vibrant illustrations and clear, easy-to-follow text, young readers will delight in learning alongside Bella and discovering the wonders of geometry.

But Bella's journey doesn't stop there! As she learns about each shape, she also discovers how they can be combined and transformed to create all sorts of amazing things. With each turn of the page, children will be inspired to use their imaginations and explore the possibilities of shape and form.

Filled with engaging activities and interactive challenges, Bella Learns Her Shapes is the perfect way to introduce young children to the fascinating world of geometry. Whether as a gift or a personal purchase, this book is sure to become a beloved addition to any child's library. Get ready to learn, explore, and discover with Bella!

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