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The Adventures of Bella Noelle

All About Me

Bella Noelle

Bella Jordan is a six-year-old model, author, brand ambassador, literacy advocate, and mini mogul.

Bella’s love for learning and adventure has been the driving force behind her published book series entitled, “The Adventures of Bella Noelle.” It is within this series that Bella explores subject matter like dementia, college, and cancer through books entitled, “They Say She Has Dementia, I Say She’s Perfect, “Bella Goes to College,” and “Let’s Go for a Walk.”

About Bella

As a brand ambassador and mini mogul, Bella has had a myriad of opportunities that have taken her all across the country to discover, define, and develop her gifts and talents. From the east coast to the west coast, Bella has made it a point to document her travels and use these experiences as inspiration for her future endeavors.

Along with being the youngest published best-selling author, Bella has most recently been named the youngest certified speaker after completing the Young Moguls Speakers Academy. This along with being an ambassador for Young Biz Kidz Day, keeps her actively involved in community events, helps her develop her entrepreneurial skills, and enables her to increase her advocacy skills especially when it comes to reading which she loves.

Life is All About Adventure

In her free time, Bella always makes times for adventure as she spends time with family and friends, doing gymnastics, participating in social media challenges, and reading books with characters that are culturally relevant and diverse.

What’s Next

Bella’s future plans include releasing a line of educational products that promote literacy, and fluency in math and reading. She also plans to create a magazine specifically designed for kids like herself.

Even at her age Bella understands that life is one big huge adventure and she’s definitely ready for the ride.

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